Terms & Conditions

Last updated March 2024

By using the services provided by Fast Pass Driving Tests, you agree to the terms and conditions set below.

  1. Service Provision: Fast Pass Driving Tests offers its services without warranties of any kind. While we do our best to ensure we can provide our cancellation services to our customers, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service.
  2. Affiliation Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the DVSA. We are an agent that provides booking-related management services for our customers.
  3. Authorisation: By using our services and providing information such as your driving licence number, you authorise us to make changes to your driving test schedule on your behalf, including accessing the DVSA website with your details.
  4. Notification of Available Tests: We may send notifications for available tests at your chosen test centre(s). However, we cannot guarantee their availability upon your booking attempt.
  5. Confirmation of Changes: After making a booking with us, it is your responsibility to verify the changes with the DVSA before organising any further arrangements related to your driving test. This includes, but is not limited to, 1. driving instructor fees relating to the test, 2. transport arrangements to the test centre, 3. any accommodation you may book for the purposes of taking the test.
  6. DVSA Actions: We are not responsible for changes or cancellations made by the DVSA. It is your responsibility, after we provide you with a cancellation, to remain informed of any further modifications to your booking that are not in our control.
  7. Limitations of Service: We are not liable for any failures to perform our services due to factors beyond our control, such as when the DVSA website is under maintenance.
  8. Learner Driver Responsibility: It is the learner driver's responsibility to fulfil test requirements and ensure suitability of the vehicle. We are not liable for test cancellations due to learner driver or instructor negligence.
  9. Refund Policy: You will be eligible for a refund if you have cancelled your booking with the DVSA and your booking fee was refunded. Under most circumstances, this means you will have to cancel at least three working days before your test. See the DVSA policy for more details. Your refund will consist of two parts: 1) The DVSA booking fee, and 2) our service fee. If you are eligible for a refund, we will return to you the DVSA booking fee in full. For our service fee, your refund may be subject to a £25 deduction to cover our costs. However, we may waive this at our discretion depending on the circumstances of cancellation.
  10. Consumer Rights: Users have the right to request a full refund in any situation where .
  11. Data Recording: We record usage details for service optimisation. Your data is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act and our Privacy Policy.
  12. Data Sharing: By providing your details, you agree to us sharing information with the DVSA. We may also share your information with our service providers (in accordance with the Data Protection Act), to provide necessary services to you, such as sending you text notifications.
  13. Account Usage: Each account is for individual use only. Misuse may result in account suspension without refund.
  14. Communication: By registering with us, you consent to receiving emails, SMS, and other notifications from us, where you have provided us with the relevant contact information. We offer you the ability to unsubscribe from non-vital notifications at any time.
  15. Prohibited Use: Misuse of our services in any form is prohibited. We may take legal action against any individuals or entities who attempt to cause harm or disruption to our services.

We offer an optional automatic booking feature, which gives you the choice to have your driving test booked automatically by us, on your behalf. By activating this feature, you agree to the additional terms set below.

  1. Opt Out: You can opt out or pause the auto-booking feature at any time. By doing this, you will continue to be notified about test dates, and you will have to reserve them manually.
  2. Card Authorisation: To enable auto-booking, you must provide valid payment details. This is so we can make the payment for your booking automatically. We cannot access your card details, as they are handled by our third-party payment processor, Stripe. By providing your card details, you authorise us to charge your card the relevant fees related to booking your driving test. The total cost will be given to you up front for you to approve, and we will not charge any more than the approved amount.
  3. Search Preferences: It is your responsibility to ensure your search preferences are accurate and up-to-date. We cannot be liable for the booking of any unwanted test dates where you have supplied incorrect or outdated test preferences. Unless there was a technical fault on our end, which led to a test being booked that did not match your preferences, then our refund policy still stands.
Affiliate programme

By signing up to our affiliate programme, you agree to the terms and conditions set below.

  1. We offer commissions for promoting our services via our affiliate programme.
  2. Your earnings will remain 'on hold' until the customer's test date has commenced. This is to ensure no refunds or interruptions occur before paying out your commission.
  3. We pay out on a monthly basis, usually at the end of each month.
  4. We require you have a minimum balance of £50 before making a withdrawal.
  5. Our commission rates may change at our discretion, and we will inform you via email or on our website of any significant changes.
  6. By accepting our commission payments, it is your responsibility to pay the relevant takes to the appropriate tax authority.
  7. We cannot be responsible for any discrepancy of affiliate payments where the referred customer failed to use your referral code or link correctly.
  8. We cannot make any payouts to you until you provide valid payment details, such as a UK bank account sort code and account number.
  9. We are not responsible for any failures in payment, where you provided incorrect or outdated payment information. In this situation, you forfeit any payouts sent in error.

By using Fast Pass Driving Tests, you agree to these terms and conditions laid out here. If you have any questions, please contact us using the details provided on our website.