How It Works

Interested in how Fast Pass works? We created this page to help you understand our service in more detail.

The Basics

Our service has been designed to be simple and risk-free. There are three key steps:


Sign up

Create an account and let us know your test preferences.



We'll notify you once we find a match.



Once you're happy, pay for your chosen slot. We will handle the rest!

Step 1 – Sign up

When you sign up, we ask a few questions to help us find you the most relevant driving tests:

  1. Test centres – We need to know your preferred test centres. You can provide up to three centres to search.
  2. Date ranges – We need to know when you want your driving test to be. Most people base this on when they think they will be ready to take the test, and also on other factors such as their instructor's availability. You can also exclude dates from your search range (such as days you are busy).
  3. Time preferences – We also ask you what times you want to take your test. You can filter for early morning (07:00-08:59), morning (09:00-11:59), early afternoon (12:00-13:59), and afternoon (14:00-17:30).

Step 2 – Wait

How long does it take?

This can vary depending on your chosen test centres and how strict your preferences are. However, many of our customers find a cancellation within two weeks!

How do you find slots?

We don't buy and resell appointments like some shady service providers do. We find and book cancellations for our customers the moment they arrive.

People cancel their driving tests all the time for many reasons, such as when doctor's appointments or work commitments overlap, or for other reasons such as last-minute nerves.

When we find a cancellation that you want, we reserve it for you as quickly as we can and send you a notification. The DVSA only lets us reserve slots for 15 minutes – so we ask you to respond to our texts within 10. We need those extra few minutes to complete the booking, verify your payment and also to account for delays in notification delivery.

If no booking is made, we release the reservation, making it available for other candidates to reserve.

Step 3 – Pay

If you are happy with the slot we found you, you can complete the booking on our website. If you provided your licence number during your account setup, reserving your slot is just a click away. Otherwise, have your licence number ready, as we will need this to make your booking!

How do I pay?

We process online payments securely with Stripe, and accept all major payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, and Klarna.

What happens next?

As soon as we receive your payment, we will begin the booking process. You will receive a confirmation email and text within 1-10 minutes, including the official booking confirmation from the DVSA. Your booking details will also be available to view on our website. Done!

(Optional) Auto-booking

If you know exactly when you want to take your driving test, then we recommend enabling auto-booking!

It's free to upgrade – when you enable auto-booking, you will be prioritised and booked automatically when we find a slot that matches your preferences!

Users with auto-booking activated don't need to worry about responding quickly to notifications – bookings are made automatically!

Sometimes, we find slots early in the morning or late at night – it can be disappointing if you see a notification from us but you opened it too late. That's why we added this feature to our website!

Sounds good – what do you need from me?

If you want to enable auto-booking, all we ask is that you ensure your search preferences are up-to-date and accurate. You need to check with your instructor to ensure they will be available for the dates and test centres you search for.

To allow us to take the payment automatically, you will also need to set up a payment method beforehand. This information will be stored securely with our payment processor, Stripe.

Start Searching Now

No card details required. Unlimited searches. Pay only when we find you a slot.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many candidates have been waiting up to 6 months for a driving test at their local test centre.

Our service fee is £99. This doesn't include the DVSA booking fee of £62 (or £75 for a weekend, evening, or bank holiday test).

This can vary depending on your chosen test centres. However, many of our customers find a cancellation within two weeks.

No. We recommend that you cancel any existing booking before using our service. You will receive a refund from the DVSA as long as your existing booking isn't less than 3 working days away. If you have an active booking when we find you a new slot, you will have to quickly cancel the old one before booking the new slot.

Yes, we even allow you to search up to three test centres at once.

We accept online card payments, including Apple Pay, PayPal, and Klarna.

We follow the same policy as the DVSA – this means that you will need to cancel at least three working-days before your test to be eligible for a refund. For our service fee, we may deduct £25 from your refund to cover our costs (depending on the circumstances of cancellation). Please see our refund policy for more information.

Start Searching Now

No card details required. Unlimited searches. Pay only when we find you a slot.